Child’s toy creamware pottery dinner service, circa 1800 probably Wilson, Staffordshire

Some impressed with a crown and “G” below a mark used by Wilson

Forty three pieces in all consisting of: 12no 3 ⅛” plates tiny chip on two; 5no 2 ¾” plates good condition; 4no 3 ⅛” soup plates good condition: 2 ¾” high tureen and stand minor chips under the lid; 1 ⅝” tall tureen and stand good condition; 1 ⅝” tureen handle missing; 2 ¾” long gravy boat good condition; 3 ⅝” vegetable dish and cover good condition; 3 ¼” bowl good condition; 5no platters from 6″ to 3 ¾” long tiny chip on one; 2no shallow platter bowls 3 ¾” long and the base to a vegetable tureen chip under the rim.


Antique pottery cream ware  children’s earthenware ceramic 18th century