English copper lustre jug decorated with prints of Henry Orator Hunt of Peterloo fame, circa 1819-20

Henry “Orator” Hunt (6 November 1773 – 15 February 1835) was a British radical speaker and agitator remembered as a pioneer of working-class radicalism and an important influence on the later Chartist movement. He advocated parliamentary reform and the repeal of the Corn Laws. Hunt was invited by the Patriotic Union Society, formed by the Manchester Observer, to be one of the scheduled speakers at a rally in Manchester on 16 August 1819, which turned into the Peterloo massacre. Arrested and convicted, the incident cost him more than two years in prison. To the establishment, Hunt believed in some very dangerous things: equal rights, universal suffrage, parliamentary reform and an end to child labour, all things that would threaten the profits of business establishments.

Height: 5 ⅞”

Condition: Good