English pearlware pottery mug commemorating the Reform Act and George Kinlock, circa 1832

His first involvement with politics was in 1814 and involved the extension of the harbor in Dundee, a project which earned him the gratitude of business interests in the city. His involvement with mass meetings in 1817 and 1819 agitating for Parliamentary reform attracted less favorable attention, and he was forced to flee to France and was declared an outlaw. In 1822 his daughter was presented to George IV in Edinburgh and interceded for him, and he was able to return. When Dundee was given representation in Parliament by the Reform Act 1832, Kinloch was elected MP. He died in London two months after the start of Parliament; his body was brought back to Scotland for burial at the Kinloch Chapel at Meigle.

Height: 3 ¾” Diameter: 4 ⅛”

Condition: Hairline to the rim restored and what looks like a hairline running over Kinlock’s head is a fault to the print

Antique pottery pearl ware historical political commemorative ceramic 19th century