Large creamware jug commemorating the memory of Sir Ralph Abercromby, circa 1801

Sir Ralph Abercromby KB (sometimes spelt Abercrombie) (7 October 1734 – 28 March 1801) was a Scottish soldier and politician. He twice served as MP for Clackmannanshire, rose to the rank of lieutenant-general in the British Army, was appointed Governor of Trinidad, served as Commander-in-Chief, Ireland, and was noted for his services during the Napoleonic Wars. Abercromby was a strong supporter of the American cause in the American Revolutionary War, and remained in Ireland to avoid having to fight against the colonists. This is probably why the ship on the reverse has the American sixteen star flag.

Height: 10″

Condition: Restored cracks to the body. The fading of the print was not due to age but due to the manufacturing process that often produced light prints. Wares like this would have been sold into the local market where the sentiments of the decoration did not matter too much

Antique pottery cream ware ceramic commemorate historical 19th century