A Figural French food chopper of a fox, circa 1900

The fox is well formed, with the tail being shaped to make a comfortable handle while maintaining the artistic integrity of the fox.  Probably 19th Century, but possibly early 20th.  The handle has heavy brass scales, interrupted in the middle with scales that are held to the handle by dovetails, then pinned in the center.  This little construction detail is quite clever and impressed me.  I believe that the material of these center scales is gutta percha, but it has aged from use such that it’s hard to identify with certainty.  The brass scales have an attractive rich patina and have never clearly been polished by a misguided antiques dealer.  The blade has a dark dark patina from years of storage before being acquired by a collector.  A lovely example with that highly sought after untouched look.

Very Good Condition

Length: 11 ¼”

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