Creamware pottery jug decorated with prints of American sea captains ‘HULL and JONES, circa 1815

Captain Jones of the Macedonia. During the final Barbary War, in 1815, Jacob Jones again commanded Macedonian. Service as Captain of the frigate Guerriere followed in 1816-1818. He was Commodore of the United States’ squadrons in the Mediterranean in 1821-1823 and in the Pacific in 1826-1829.

Captain Hull of the Constitution. Isaac Hull (born March 9, 1773, Derby, Connecticut [U.S.]—died February 13, 1843, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.) American naval commodore noted for the victory of his ship the Constitution over the British frigate Guerriere in the War of 1812.

Height: 6 ⅝”

Condition: Spout and rim chips restored and some scratching to the prints