Pair of reverse prints on glass Princess Charlotte and Prince Leopold circa 1815

Charlotte and Leopold were formally engaged in March 1816, but their slow-burning romance began much earlier, in the summer of 1814. In June 1814, Charlotte met with the Emperor of Russia in the Pulteney Hotel to explain why she had broken off her engagement to William of Orange. Princess Charlotte Augusta of Wales was the original “people‚Äôs princess”. As heir to the throne of George III and the only well-regarded member of the wayward royal family, Charlotte was seen as the hope of the nation. Her premature death at the age of 21 caused an unprecedented torrent of national grief, and forever altered the course of British history and culture.

Original stained softwood frames, overall dimensions:25.9 cm by 20.8 cm

Condition: Repaired hole in the background paint on Princess Charlotte and small amount of paint lifting on Prince Leopold


US$581 the pair