Pearlware pottery child’s plate “Long Life to the Nobel Earl of Fife”, circa 1840

James Duff (1776-1857) fourth Earl of Fife was the elder son of the Hon. Alexander Duff, who succeeded his brother as third Earl Fife in 1809. He was educated at Edinburgh and was not intended for the army. On 9 September 1799 he married Mary Caroline Manners (second daughter of John Manners and Louisa Tollemache, 7th Countess of Dysart), who died on 20 December 1805 without children. Thereupon Duff sought distraction in 1808 by volunteering to join the Spaniards in their war against Napoleon. His assistance was gladly received, especially as he came full of enthusiasm and with a full purse, and he was made a major-general in the Spanish service.

Width: 5 ΒΌ”

In good condition