Pearlware pottery commemorative plaque “Welcome King George IV”, circa 1822, Prestonpans Pottery Scotland

George IV’s visit to Scotland in 1822 was the first visit of a reigning monarch to Scotland in nearly two centuries, the last being by Charles II for his Scottish coronation in 1651. Government ministers had pressed the King to bring forward a proposed visit to Scotland, to divert him from diplomatic intrigue at the Congress of Verona. The visit increased the king’s popularity in Scotland, turning some subjects away from the rebellious radicalism of the time. However, it was Sir Walter Scott’s organisation of the visit, with the inclusion of tartan pageantry, that was to have a lasting influence, by elevating the tartan kilt to become part of Scotland’s national identity.

Dimensions: 8 ¾” by 7″

Condition: Firing cracks on the back the largest of which showed a hairline on the front that I had restored