Staffordshire pearlware pottery figure, John Liston in the character of Lubin Log, circa 1820 Salt Pottery

This figurine depicts John Liston (1776-1846) as Lubin Log, the conceited cockney character he first played in James Kenney’s play Love, Law and Physic at Covent Garden Theatre on 20 November 1812, and in many revivals. Despite a rather serious temperament, John Liston became one of the greatest comedians of all time, achieving his greatest successes in farce, particularly at the Haymarket Theatre in 1825 as the pompous busybody Paul Pry, a role in which he was often depicted in paintings, drawings and figurines. Liston was the first comic actor to command a salary greater than a tragedian, earning the vast salary of £60-£100 a week with Madame Vestris’s company at the Olympic Theatre. He retired in 1837 after a successful stage career which lasted over thirty years.
Height: 6 ¾”
Condition: The handle on his umbrella restored