Watercolour of General Sir Charles James Napier GCB, circa 1815

The writing on the back says “General Sir Charles James Napier GCB” The rest is unclear to read except that the portrait was in the possession of Sir Henry Bunbury, Charles Napier’s brother in law.

General Sir Charles James Napier, GCB (10 August 1782 – 29 August 1853) was an officer and veteran of the British Army’s Peninsular and 1812 campaigns, and later a Major General of the Bombay Army, during which period he led the military conquest of Sindh, before serving as the Governor of Sindh, and Commander-in-Chief in India.

Original gilded gesso frame, overall dimensions: 30.3 cm by 26.5 cm

Watercolour is in good condition though the frame has suffered a bit.