Wedgwood and Bentley plaque of Admiral Kepple, circa 1765

Admiral Augustus Keppel, 1st Viscount Keppel, PC (25 April 1725 – 2 October 1786) was a Royal Navy officer and politician who sat in the House of Commons from 1755 to 1782. He saw action in command of various ships, including the fourth-rate Maidstone, during the War of the Austrian Succession. He went on to serve as Commodore on the North American Station and then Commander-in-Chief, Jamaica Station during the Seven Years’ War. After that he served as Senior Naval Lord and then Commander-in-Chief of the Channel Fleet.

Impressed “Wedgwood & Bentley” to the back

Dimensions: 3 ⅞” by 3 ⅛”

Condition: one minute chip to the rim